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We are  New Zealand based wilderness, wildlife, and landscape photography artists. We are dedicated to bringing to life, and to your wall, the natural wonders of New Zealand. We specialise in high quality photographs printed on a variety of media. See our Presentation and Pricing page for details.

We have brought some of our best Photographs to this website for you to review and purchase as artworks. We also maintain a photo library of several thousand other photos which we are happy to search through to find just the right photo for you. Please Contact Us.


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The Photographer 

Alan MacKay is a keen outdoors type, and previous trekking guide in New Zealand’s deep-south. Alan has a driving passion to bring the natural wonders of New Zealand’s back country landscapes to life for those less fortunate to have spent time in the great outdoors. As a previous hobby photographer, he has developed a passion for the artistic media that is photography.

Alan’s subject of choice is the mountains and coastlines that make up the more remote areas of our great country, with special emphasis on the South Island. The Fiordland, and Aoraki / Mt Cook National Parks fare particularly well.

Alan, Yumi, and their children, reside in Christchurch, in New Zealand’s South Island.


“We shoot wildlife with a Canon. What do you use?”


The Photos

Prior to 2006, we were shooting almost exclusively, Fujichrome Velvia Slide Film. The quality of this film is unsurpassed when it comes to landscapes, and indeed it is only in the last 10-12 years that digital photography  has even come close to the quality we seek.

In 2006 we switched to digital photography, with the purchase of a Canon EOS 5D Digital SLR. The resultant switch has given us images every bit as good as the slide images before, while allowing more control and flexibility over our photographs.

While the majority of our photography concentrates on New Zealand’s South Island  Landscape, we also have a range of landscape photos from the North Island, and Japan. We also carry some stunning animal and plant photographs within our website.

The photographs on our website are divided into a number of  Galleries (which you can find listed down the top right hand side of each page) that cover a diverse range of topics. Each image may belong to one or more galleries, depending on the subject(s) depicted. So it is quite possible for a sunset photo of Aoraki/Mt Cook to fit in the Alpine, and Sunrise/Sunset Galleries. So, if you are looking at multiple Galleries you may see the same image more than once!

Your chosen photo or photos will be delivered to you rolled in a protective tube, or ready to hang, depending on your selection from our Presentation & Pricing page. We can also produce your chosen image in various other formats, if required. Please Contact Us if you wish to enquire further.


“Your first 10,000 photos will be your worst – Henri Cartier-Bresson”


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